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Why deducted $15.31/- & $16.73/- ???

Hi Sir/Mdm,

I also noticed that how come another deduction of ($16.73/-)from my account on the 26/6/18 as I didn’t order till that amount ????

28 Jun 2018UMC-SFOODPANDASG_CORP SI NG 26JUN 5264-7103-2212-5109S$16.73

Why do you deducted amount of $15.31/-from my account as I didn’t order food on the 30/6/2018 ????

Please explain....

03 Jul 2018UMC-FOODPANDASG_CORP SI NG 30JUN 5264-7103-2212-5109S$15.31


Miss Loo



Anyhow deducted as don’t ordering ????

Why deducted the amount of $15.31/- as l didn’t order any food on 30/6/2018 ????


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